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Is Automated Forex Trading the Best Way to Profit in the Forex Market?

With all the commercially available automated Forex trading systems on the market today it’s not surprising that most beginning Forex traders believe that this is the only way to trade. There are a number of ways to successfully trade Forex and using automated Forex trading software, commonly called Forex robots has taken off in its popularity.

Automated Forex trading is an excellent way to profit in the Forex market. The trick is to select a Forex robot that can actually make you money. Far too many beginning Forex traders become fascinated with the automated component of a trading system. After all, having a Forex robot work continually night and day to multiply your money is something that every Forex trader would be quite happy with. Let’s take a look at a few of the differences between automated Forex trading and manual Forex trade.

Manual Forex trading — the trading signals for manual Forex trading can be generated either at the discretion of the trader or by Forex signal software. They discretionary trader can manually scan for certain types of setups and then pull the trigger when they feel the time is right.

Manual Forex trading signals can also be created by a wide variety of Forex signal software also known as Forex trading system software. The software takes Forex data and then runs its calculations on that data. The calculations it runs will ban produce a Forex signal. The trader will then take that Forex signal and manually place their orders using their Forex platform.

Automated Forex trading — automated Forex trading is completely hands free. Automated Forex trading software will not only generate Forex trading signals, it will also act on those signals can place your trades for you. This type of trading in general appeals to a great number of people because of the increased sense of freedom that it gives them. You don’t have to be in front of the screen or near a telephone or even near your computer in order for this to work properly.

A new trend that started in automated Forex trading and that is using a Forex VPS. VPS stands for virtual Private server. This is a computer server which is housed in a remote location. The server actually runs your Forex trading software for you 24 hours a day seven days a week. One of the main benefits of using a Forex VPS is that even if your Internet connection goes down and your computer crashes your Forex robot will still be able to continue to place your trades automatically. Now that, is truly completely automated Forex trading.

Both manual Forex trading and automated Forex trading can be extremely profitable. Automated trading becomes a lot more useful when using short-term trading systems such as Forex day trading systems. With longer-term Forex systems you can typically place your entry and exit orders and walk away. For those wishing to catch the big moves in the Forex market manual Forex trading would work just fine.

We automated Forex trading as with all Forex trading traders must do their due diligence to feel comfortable that the trading system being used will be able to show a profit in the future. It is also extremely important to remember that you should test your automated Forex trading system using a demo account prior to using real money in actual account. This will allow you to see firsthand if the system is performing as it is supposed to perform and allow you to work any kinks out if there are any. Once you are comfortable your system is doing everything it is supposed to do you can then use it in a real money account.

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